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Centre Goals

Supporting the development of the whole child

  • Provide quality care which draws on a sound base of knowledge about early childhood, including how children learn and develop
  • Carers provide the highest level of care, with appropriate experiences and expectations for children of different ages
  • Carers are sensitive to the individual and cultural dimensions of children’s development
  • To create a stimulating environment, with a balance of planned and spontaneous experiences with active and restful periods, appropriate to the individual needs and interests of each child
  • Provide children with opportunities to develop appropriate skills and knowledge required when they move into preparatory
  • The quality of care children receive, their learning and social experiences and relationships, are critical in shaping their future
  • Enhance interpersonal relationships
  • Promote learning and achievement throughout children’s lives
  • Providing positive lifelong opportunities and outcomes
  • Ensure that children in care have stimulating, positive experiences and interactions that nurture all aspects of their development

Southport Child Care Centre is a member of the Global Sky Group.

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New Centre Cook

We would like to welcome Ms Rebecca to our team of Educators as the Centre Cook. Here is a little bit of information about Ms Rebecca.

I have three beautiful daughte

22 February 18

Immunisation Records

We are updating immunisation records at the centre and ask that if you haven’t already, please bring in an updated proof of immunisation record.

In the past we have ta

22 September 17

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