About Us

Centre Goals

Supporting the development of the whole child

  • Provide quality care which draws on a sound base of knowledge about early childhood, including how children learn and develop
  • Carers provide the highest level of care, with appropriate experiences and expectations for children of different ages
  • Carers are sensitive to the individual and cultural dimensions of children’s development
  • To create a stimulating environment, with a balance of planned and spontaneous experiences with active and restful periods, appropriate to the individual needs and interests of each child
  • Provide children with opportunities to develop appropriate skills and knowledge required when they move into preparatory
  • The quality of care children receive, their learning and social experiences and relationships, are critical in shaping their future
  • Enhance interpersonal relationships
  • Promote learning and achievement throughout children’s lives
  • Providing positive lifelong opportunities and outcomes
  • Ensure that children in care have stimulating, positive experiences and interactions that nurture all aspects of their development

Southport Child Care Centre is a member of the Global Sky Group.

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