About Us


Assisting your child in developing all skills necessary for success now and in the future

It is our aim to provide high quality early childhood education and care to nurture happy, balanced children that are prepared for entering the schooling phase of their education.

We believe that the crucial partnership existing between parents and educators is of the utmost importance in providing the best care and education for each individual child.

We value and implement individual child centred programs, providing children with the opportunity to develop a strong sense of identity and well-being, feel connected with their world, develop strong communication skills and become confident, involved and inquisitive learners.

We also know as educators that there are certain skills and knowledge children must portray in readiness to begin school. Our programming ensures that these are taught to ensure children are able to cope with the expectations placed on them when they reach school age.

Educators have a commitment to assisting children to develop to their potential.