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A philosophy of mutual respect, consideration and support

When we talk about education many think of the formal academic learning that takes place in a school environment. At Southport Child Care Centre and Pre-preparatory we believe that a child’s education commences the day the child is born.

Parents are the major ‘teachers’ of their children and we, together with all the other contacts your child has, are partners with you in the care and education of your child. Children between the ages of zero and five learn through play-based experiences.

When teaching a child to talk we involve ourselves in wonderful games that encourage children to verbalise. The result – a child that can verbally communicate!

As a member of the Global Sky Group of childcare centres, we have a focus on providing the highest possible quality of care, as per the Australian Government’s National Quality Standard.

For more information, please visit the Australian Government’s National Quality Standards.

For more information on Global Sky, please visit the company’s website.




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