At Southport Child Care Centre we believe that children learn through play.

Learning Environments

Our Rooms

Creating a loving and happy atmosphere for your child.

We believe your child’s experience whilst engaging in play is the most important factor in promoting development.

It is the process of these experiences, not the outcomes, that provides the learning.

In our programs the equipment is a tool to enable your child to explore the process.

As early childhood professionals, the educators implement programs that provide a rich and integrated range of experiences that enhance your child’s learning and development.

Age Groups:

Babies Room.                 6 weeks – 18 months
Toddlers Room              15months – 2 years
Junior Kindy                  2-3 years
Senior Kindy                 3-4 years
Pre-Prep Room.             4 – 5 years

Babies Room

6 weeks – 18 months

The Babies Room provides a bright, cheerful and stimulating environment which enables babies to follow their own development. In our room, we don’t have a set routine as we follow the child’s individual routines from home.

We encourage the children to build a sense of belonging and security within the room, which is why we like to keep their routine similar to the home environment.

Each child is delegated their communication book. This book is used before the families and educators to pass on any messages.

We also have a cot room, which is air-conditioned and soft music plays to create a relaxing environment. In addition, we have bouncers and swings to accommodate babies who do not wish to sleep in a cot and/ or cot room.



Toddlers Room

15 months – 2 years

The Toddlers Room is one where the children enjoy exploration, discovery and progress through noticeable developmental milestones.

We see so many skills developing and so much discovery unfolding before our eyes. We also love cuddles and affection that is so important to these children. We believe that the best way for children to learn and develop skills is through play and by providing experiences that are challenging, enjoyable and meaningful.

Our Learning Outcomes for the children are based on the development of their language, social emotional interactions, development of self-esteem, motor skills and problem solving abilities as well as the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Junior Kindy

2-3 years

We believe that every child is an individual, needing a happy and stimulating environment in which to grow. The program and learning outcomes are based on the principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Our aim within the room is for your child to have a sense of belonging to their environment, being in the moment and for them to become themselves.

Children need the opportunity to develop and enhance skills, which will allow them to grow and mature. Our program is designed to accommodate the children’s needs and learning through play.

During your child’s time at the centre they will be able to participate in individual, small and large group activities. Such activities include stories and literacy activities, art and craft, construction and manipulation toys, puzzles, gross motor activities, group games, home corner, and other activities.



Senior Kindy

3-4 years

During your child’s time in this room they will be encouraged to explore the environment and develop new skills as well as continue to build on existing ones. Our aim is to provide a fun learning environment that allows each child to develop to their full potential.

The program is built on individual observations on each child to determine their strengths, needs and interests. The program and learning outcomes are based on the principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Through play, children are exposed to a variety of experiences including literacy and numeracy activities, art and crafts, music and movement, dramatic play, group/pairs and solo play, construction, gross motor, social play and so much more.


Pre-Prep Room

4-5 years

The aim of the Pre-Prep Room is to help prepare your child for formal schooling. The curriculum is based on the Queensland Kindergarten Program.

Children are introduced to the Jolly Phonics Program, which is used to develop children’s emergent literacy skills. This program uses pictograms and story telling to help children develop an understanding of phonics, reading, spelling and handwriting.

We are fortunate to have a variety of other learning experiences within our centre, including Japanese lessons, soccer lessons, happy feet dance classes, yoga classes, technology introduction, horticulture classes, agriculture introduction and much more.